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I am one of those women who put off my Mammogram for almost two years due to a busy work schedule, life, and the fear of something being found on the images.

Working for GE Healthcare, I have been blessed with lots of insights and education into the latest technologies. I attended the Senographe Pristina Road Show and knew it was time to schedule my Mammogram.  I was able to find a local hospital (Brockton Hospital in Brockton, MA) who purchased the Senographe Pristina. I scheduled my appointment and was actually more worried and fearful because I had waited two years.

Luckily for me my Mammogram imagery came out clear.

A few months later, I was out with a group of four friends. One of my friends said she had not had a Mammogram in four years and was afraid due to a history of breast cancer in her family. Like most women, she was fearful to have a Mammogram. I shared my experience of delaying my Mammogram for almost two years as well. I also told her about my positive experience with Senographe Pristina….it was a much less painful Mammogram than any I had experienced in the past five years. Two of my other friends then revealed they had not had mammograms in two years. I shared the information to make an appointment at The Women’s Health Center in Brockton and the link to Senographe Pristina. Within two weeks, two of my friends had scheduled their mammograms.

Unfortunately for my friend with a history of breast cancer in her family, the Mammogram showed an abnormality on the image. She went back to have a biopsy and luckily it was a non-cancerous benign lump.

By sharing my Mammogram story, I encouraged three other women and friends to get their Mammograms and make time for themselves and their health

Patty J.


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