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Finding My Voice – How a Missed Diagnosis Led Me to Advocacy

Gail Zeamer is a woman who takes care of herself and her family. She never missed an annual mammogram, but her breast cancer diagnosis was delayed due to having dense breast tissue.

Gail’s cancer was advanced when it was found after having 3 years of normal mammograms, including an additional normal 3D mammogram.

Gail persevered through aggressive treatments and is cancer free today.

She founded the Wisconsin Breast Density Initiative and went to work to prevent other women from her fate. She turned a negative situation where she felt helpless, into an empowering one for herself and other women.

Gail was successful in enacting the Wisconsin Density Inform Law.

Today Gail is turning her efforts toward advocacy for insurance coverage for supplemental screening for Wisconsin women with dense breasts. Gail also speaks about dense breast tissue and patient empowerment. She is eager to continue to build awareness for other women to find their voice in their healthcare.

You can learn more about Gail’s story here http://newsroom.gehealthcare.com/when-it-comes-to-breast-health-one-size-does-not-fit-all/


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