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Continuing Nancy Cappello’s Legacy for Women with Dense Breast Tissue

Joe Cappello was married to a dynamo named Dr. Nancy Cappello. Nancy’s stage 3c breast cancer was missed after eleven years of “normal” mammograms due to her dense breast tissue.

This experience inspired Nancy and Joe to lead the first breast density disclosure legislation in the United States (in Connecticut).

Nancy and Joe also co-founded the non-profits Are You Dense, Inc and Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. Nancy continued to advocate for other state density disclosure laws (38) and insurance coverage for supplemental screening, as well as took her advocacy about dense breast tissue to the international stage.

Joe was by her side from the beginning for all the victories and the setbacks.

On November 15, 2018, Nancy succumbed to bone marrow cancer (MDS) which was a direct result of her initial breast cancer treatment.

Today Joe continues Nancy’s mission and is now Executive Director of both non-profits. He continues to advocate for women with dense breast tissue around the world. View a video about Nancy’s work and legacy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTHEtRtiB3k&t=1s

Joe is our Every Day Hero.


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